What’s Available?

We love our community’s seniors and continually find ways to help make their lives healthy and vibrant.

Home Visits

Home assessments are provided by a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. Follow-up visits allow staff to monitor any medical concerns. Illness prevention and health promotion are important aspects of home visits.

The Supervisor Community Health Planner can assess clients for conditions affecting mental health while the nursing staff can assess the home for risks associated with falling.

Referrals are provided to therapists and geriatric experts in the region.

Nutrition Assessments

Nutrition assessments can help individuals learn about healthy eating options. The Health Promotion Officer offers assessments to establish if seniors are getting enough calories or might benefit from nutrition assistance. The assessment also includes height and weight measurements to determine if clients are losing weight abnormally or experiencing a decrease in height as early signs of osteoporosis.


Lifeline is a service that helps clients stay safely at home using a Personal Help Button (PHB) worn on the wrist or neck. It provides the client with direct communication to emergency service personnel. While the Lifetime program has a monthly fee, the Mary Berglund Community Health Centre does not collect or receive any of these funds.