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Now Offering a Team Trained Memory Clinic

What is a Memory Clinic?

Every day, people living in Ontario who suffer from dementia and other memory disorders go undiagnosed or undertreated. This can lead to unnecessary emergency room visits or long wait times to see specialists, which places undue burden on the individual, their families, and the health system.

Dr. Linda Lee, a family physician with special expertise in caring for the elderly, recognized gaps in caring for people with memory problems and created a unique program to help address these gaps.

Called Primary Care Memory Clinics, this proven model helps patients be well cared for by their family doctor and other professionals, such as nurses and social workers, who are all specially trained in caring for people living with dementia.

With the population aging in Ontario, it is vital that the diagnosis, treatment and care for people living with dementia improve, including at the primary care level.

The Primary Care Memory Clinic model focuses on training clinicians from the identified sites in a five-day accredited training program. After training, the teams continue to receive further mentorship and support to establish the memory clinic. Through this model and mentorship, primary care teams build their capacity to care for patients living with dementia, and support their caregivers too. In turn, patients receive more integrated care closer to home, right in their community.

The Mary Berglund Community Health Centre Hub is located in Ignace, in Northwestern Ontario (3 hours west of Thunder Bay and 1.5 hours east of Dryden) and is part of the Northwest Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

Mary Berglund CHCH is the only health service provider with this range of services between Thunder Bay and Dryden. The MBCHCH provides services to Ignace and clients in the region who are not attached to a health service provider.

Starting May 4/2024

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About Ignace

Ignace is a small community in the middle of Canada, connected to the world. Internet services are first class and transportation services are reliable: The town is located on the Trans-Canada Highway and the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Highway 599 leads north from Ignace to Savant Lake and Pickle Lake where winter roads offer access to many of the remote First Nation communities of northern Ontario.

Yet Ignace is isolated from large urban centres by boreal forest wilderness and the fresh water lakes of the Canadian Shield. The largest city of the region, Thunder Bay, on Lake Superior, lies 250 kilometres to the east. Driving long distances to neighbouring communities to visit family or friends and enjoy cultural events is part of the northern Ontario lifestyle.

Well into its second century of community life, the Township of Ignace has spread deep roots in a pristine landscape that draws newcomers to the town and the region. The great outdoors is easy to reach. Logging roads built by the forestry industry have supported jobs at the local saw mill and enabled entrepreneurs to develop a strong tourism sector. Mineral exploration, development and processing have played a pivotal role in the town’s dynamic history.

‘Ignace – a saga of the shield’, written by Elinor Barr and Betty Dyck in 1979 captures the pioneer spirit and tenacity of the early pioneers in the community. The people of Ignace are resilient.

The MBCHC is a member of the Alliance for Healthier Communities which includes approximately 104 Community Health Centres across the province.

We are fully accredited, offering the Community Health Centre Model of Care based on the Social Determinants of Health:

  • Income and Social Status

  • Social Support Networks

  • Employment and Working Conditions

  • Education and Literacy

  • Social Environments

  • Physical Environments

  • Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills

  • Biology and Genetic Endowment

  • Healthy Child Development

  • Gender and Culture

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