Keeping our community fed.

The Ignace Area Food Bank is a program integral to keeping our community healthy through access to the basic necessities of life. It is a friendly and open environment designed for community members to learn about nutrition, socialize, and recognize the value of good food choices and how they relate to a healthier body and mind. Hot lunches are served and recipes are shared or provided for simple meals to prepare with the ingredients supplied.

Participants visit the Food Bank and select a variety of foods to sustain nutrition for the month. The program is available to families as well as individuals and is based on their needs. Participants choose what they would like from a variety of what is available on the shelves in the different food groups. Monthly bread, milk and eggs are provided to each household.

The Food Bank is sustained by working with the RFDA who is associated with Ontario Food Banks and Food Banks Canada, as well as donations from community members and businesses. The Food Bank is run by staff of the MBCHC Hub including Yvonne Romas, and employees of the RFDA  such as Volker Kromm (pictured below), and a group of dedicated volunteers. Access for registered clients is every second Thursday from February to November, and every Thursday in December and January. The Food Bank is open from 1pm to 3pm and is located on the grounds of the Ignace Arena along with the Carousel Thrift Store. The program is available to all registered participants, and registering is as simple as calling Yvonne at 807-934-2290.