Growing our community one seed at a time.

The community garden is a friendly, open environment designed to bring people together to socialize, learn and appreciate the value of growing your own food. The hands on work helps to develop interests and strengths while enhancing lifestyle choices, quality of life, health improvement and increased access to basic needs. The garden is located on hwy 17 and is available from April to October.

The community garden is a drop-in, work at your own pace and time, space for participants to learn to plant, nurture and grow their own selected seeds and starter plants. The plots are first come, first served with repeat users able to keep their previous plots. If additional beds are requested/required, new beds can be built as resources are available. Community support is always welcomed and appreciated.

The garden is also home to several different animals who are looked after by volunteers, students and employees of the MBCHC Hub and RFDA. Ducks, geese, rabbits and occasionally goats, are some of the wildlife noted to be housed on the community garden grounds.

In partnership with the local schools, a program works with teachers and students to bring learning of ‘how to grow’ into the classrooms. The students are also taught about how to raise and care for various animals and livestock through egg incubation, chick hatching and excursions to the garden when animals are in residence.