Sometimes all you need is a visit.

The Friendly Home Visits program is designed for seniors and shut-ins within our community. The goal is to improve the health of vulnerable community members through socializing, physical exercise and assistance with small tasks. The Health Promoter is also available to do check-ins for health and wellbeing for those that need it most. All visits are provided on an as needed basis, with the participant communicating their needs to the Health Promoter or volunteer.

Services are offered by referral from a health care provider or by self referral and self interest. Visit times are tailored to the needs of the participants. The program is ran by the Health Promotion officer in conjunction with volunteer help as available.

The focus of the Friendly Home Visits program is adults living alone or without support to help them stay at home longer without stress or barriers to access health services. Increasing physical activity, fostering independence and inspiring a social environment within a safe space helps the participants to be able to effectively communicate their needs, develop individual strengths and talents, as well as enhance their lifestyles. Participants organize and work together to make the program a success. Call Yvonne at (807) 934-2290 or the MBCHC Hub at (807) 934-2251 to book your visit.