Helping those in need at a vulnerable time of the year.

Each year as more and more families struggle to put food on the table, the Mary Berglund CHC Hub has recognized the need for a little extra help in making the holiday season a little more special. Through our many endeavors to assess the basic needs of our clients, our team is committed to lessening the burden of the Christmas season for those most vulnerable in our community.

This program is funded strictly through donations and works closely with the Regional Food Distribution Association to receive food, clothing, basic necessities and toy donations. Registration forms are distributed to the NWHU, DRMHAS, Food Bank, Ontario Works and the Best Start Hub. Registration forms are also available by calling the health centre directly at 807-934-2251 or by picking up in person. Monetary donations as well as food, toys, clothing, and basic necessities are always welcome and greatly appreciated by our staff and the community members the program serves.